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IM Financial Solutions headed by Neil has been working with us for 3 years and has provided impeccable accounting and tax returns. Neil's attention to detail has allowed us to clean up our books from years of clutter. Year to year he has saved us more and more on our taxes. We look forward to working with him for years to come.

T.M, R.M, Sommerville, MA

I met Neil in Dec 2007 and he has filed my personal and business taxes from 2007 and continues to be a tremendous source of information with regards to changes in tax laws that come up every year. His expertise and tax planning acumen have legally saved me money and more importantly time as I don’t have plenty of it to figure out all the nuances of filing for my business along with a growing family. Neil has always delivered on time and has not changed his fees. He continues to educate me in legal ways, how to plan for the following year and not get penalized for making more profits (goal of my business). I have referred him clients who have given satisfactory feedback and would continue to do so in the future.

SR. Woburn


I have recently moved to Boston area, Neil has been a great help in figuring out my situation due to my relocation and other changes and filing my personal taxes. His expertise in tax laws has helped me and my wife legally save money. he spends more then enough time with his clients in figuring out their tax situation. He is very hard working and very responsive.

Pavan Quincy


I filed my first business return/personal return  through Neil this year. He helped me to save a lot on taxes legally.  He is an excellent resource to have.  I am certainly looking forward to work with him in future.

Ajay, Dayton, Ohio



Neal was incredibly responsive, kind, cheerful, and got everything done on time, holding my hand a bit when I needed it, and maximized my return beyond my hopes. Every step, from negotiating his fee to filing the final returns was professional and--incredibly--even kind of fun, because Neal was just so nice. I highly recommend his services and will be using him again this year.



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